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Title: General Spell Tips
Post by: True_Valor on August 23, 2016, 01:48:44 am
Here we will discuss some of the standard spells, and their applications.

Lightning: Lightning will be primarily used in air raids. It is a common strategy to use 2 lightning spells and an earthquake spell to destroy air defense. It can also be used to destroy dark elixer drills you cant reach, potentially netting you 2,400 dark elixer. A single lightning can also clear out many low health clan castle troops.

Do nots:
Do not use this to try to weaken walls.
Do not try to hit storages with lightning spells (it does no damage to storages)

Healing spells: Primarily used on low to medium health Troops. It is best to use healing spells with ground troops, or balloons. It is best used when troops are already half dead, as it can heal them to full health. It it is more efficient then using it on troops that aren't hurt yet. It should also be placed where your troop is, and where it will go to maximize the healing it receives.

Do nots:
Do not use healing spells on troops that die in one hit
Most of the time you don't want to use healing spells with dragons (air defenses still kill them faster then you can heal)

Rage spells: Good with any type of attack. It makes troops bother faster and do much more damage. It is highly suggested you use this near the center of the base, or when near your biggest threats.

Do nots:
Do not use this on single troops, try to use it on as many troops as you can.
Do not use this outside of the enemy base.

Jump spell: Useful for getting your troops over walls. It is best used near the center of the base, or near your objective. Try to place it so your troops can get over as many walls as possible.

Do not:
Do not use jump spells in air attacks (obviously)

Freeze spells: Used to freeze a opponents defenses. It is used used to counter inferno towers. It can reset the single target infernos damage, or give you time to destroy the multi target inferno tower.

Poison spells: Primarily used to weaken clan castle troops. It not only damages them but reduces their attack speed. It should also be noted it can be used to kill skeletons who are hugging your hog riders.

Do not:
Don't try to use this on troops/heroes you aren't fighting. They will simply walk out of it.

Earthquake spells: Will primarily be used for destroying air defenses (with 2 lightnings) or using 4 earthquake spells to fully destroy any level walls. Note: If you get a earthquake spell from your clan castle you only need to drop one normal spell to reach 4 earthquake spells.

Do not:
Do not keep using this on the same building. It does less damage each time.

Haste spells: Primarily used to speed up slow troops. This is very useful on certain troops, some of which include: Balloons, Pekkas, Valkyries, and ect. It is best used in the center of the base.

Do not:
Do not use haste spells on healers.