[News] LS3 Episode 4 and Guild News!
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If you've not heard by now, Living World Season 3 Episode 4 - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login will be hitting GW2 on Tuesday 7th February 2017.

Just to give our members (and visitors) a heads up, the following will also happen on that day:

  • End of current PvP League Season
  • End of Lunar New Year 2017
  • The long-awaited Auric Basin Multi-Loot fix
  • New raid wing! (Bastion of the Penitent)
  • *rumoured* New leather farm
Mike O'Brien's statement detailing more about these upcoming changes can be found You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

As usual for patch day, some of us will be doing new content immediately with missions an hour after reset as normal. Please don't ruin things for others by leaking spoilers in TS or guild chat. While we understand you're all excited about the new patch (we are too!), please refrain from talking about the story until 2 weeks after the patch has dropped to give people a chance to experience it for themselves as not everyone can play on day or weekend of release due to that Real Life thing that's pretty popular these days.
Personally I find the graphics to be great but the gameplay's awful, especially with the most recent patch...

The You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login has been updated to reflect this as up to now we've been dealing with spoilers on a release by release basis while we've waited to see if ANet was going to stick to their LS release schedule or not. Now it seems they will, it's only fair that we put it down in black and white.

In guild news, we've recently had a rather large roster clean up after hitting the 500 member cap. If you feel you were kicked in error, please let us know we can resend an invite. The only people who were kicked were those who were inactive for more than 2 months, no kicks were personal and all are welcome to rejoin if and when they are able to be active on a more regular basis.
If you gave us notice that you would be gone for longer and we forgot to log it, we apologise and already have a system in place to better keep track of absences which we actioned as of the officer meeting last night when we decided upon the roster clean up. If you're not able to actively play in game for the forseeable future, please rest assured that we will always be able to find a spot for you in the guild if you have been with RIOT for a long time. We have always and will always value member loyalty, but sadly we only have so many slots in the guild that can be taken up at one time. With a guild as old and rich a history as RIOT, it's natural that over 11 years you're going to have more than 500 total members necessitating a bit of roster Tetris from time to time to keep the guild active.

On a similar topic, we have had a few members of guild management have an increase in real life responsibilities and are watching with interest anyone who runs (or would like to run) content on a regular basis.
RIOT values its members, but particularly those who give back to the guild in any way they can. While you might feel that you're not "pro" enough to lead a raid squad, there are plenty of events that are possible for even relatively new players to run. If you would like some suggestions for events that could be run simply talk to an officer, otherwise feel free to host events and post them in guild chat. As we have people on all times of the day and night, you might be surprised how many people are interested, not to mention you get to know your fellow guildies better! With the new LS3 chapter just around the corner and HoT on sale until the day after the patch, now's the perfect time to show your mentoring skills and be the future of RIOT as well as part of the present.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week on patch day! :D
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