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Tier 1/2 Fractal Training
« on: February 27, 2017, 01:03:37 am »
So I'm going to be getting training/low-tier runs of Fractals started on Saturday March 11.  Current times I'm figuring we'll do them is start with T1s around 1 PM EST (AKA 6 hours before reset, you can also check the time for you You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) and T2s can take place after that.  Alternatively can reverse these, so that people that have AR but don't have much experience with the mechanics can dive in and get explanations, and people that have 0 Fractal experience can go in afterwards.  Generally I'm figuring that these can be used to get guildies to learn how Fractals work (for the T1 runs) and then how the Fractals upgrade as you go higher in tiers (Agony being added, Instabilities, Harpies in one Fractal gaining knockback, etc).

Since we're now on a 15-day cycle for the dailies, this will also mean that we will be doing different Fractals every week, and once people have gotten used to the basics and built up enough AR to handle T3 Fractals, I can hand them off to whoever is handling the T3/4 runs.  One thing to note is that Fractals are a LOT faster to go through in general than dungeons or a raid.  You can generally clear a single T1/2 Fractal in around 20 minutes or less once you know what you're doing.  And there are also special mechanics exclusive to Fractals that can make things interesting that dungeons just don't have.

So basically sign up in this thread if you want to learn how to run through Fractals.  You'll need the following:

  • A level 80 character.  Fractals are Lv 80 content, and you'll really want all the traits/skills/etc that comes with being Lv 80 in order to do them efficiently.
  • Around an hour or two of time on Saturdays at 1PM EST (6 hours before reset).
  • At least rare/yellow tier armour/weapons, but stronger is better.
  • Ability to get on TeamSpeak for easy communication.  You don't need a mic, but the ability to listen helps greatly.
  • A solid understanding of what your class can do and willingness to change equipment/gear/skills if needed.  Essentially, please don't bring Rabid gear on your Greatsword Warrior, or Spirit Weapons on your Guardian.
  • Willingness to have fun.  Fractals are a mega quick way to get some extra daily gold (special bags that drop after clearing a Fractal contain vendor junk that sells for 20-60 silver, as well as various other items/gear), and grant access to some exclusive rewards and content, all while having a blast whether playing with guildies or pugs later on.
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Re: Tier 1/2 Fractal Training
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2017, 08:58:07 am »
I'd like to sign up. I've played some Fractals, but been wanting to get into them more. I have a personal level of 12 and an AR of 66 on my Ranger/Druid (all ascended gear; LB, S/A, Staff). I also have a Warrior with no AR but all ascended gear (GS, M/Sh).

edit: added classes and gear

Edit2: I have Teamspeak installed but I guess I need to be added to the server group. Never used Teamspeak, so not sure how to set it up. Do we have instructions listed on the site somewhere (I looked, but didn't see any)?
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