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Your Friendly Neighborhood Raider
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:26:10 pm »
Should've gotten around to doing this a while ago, anyway, I don't bite (much) Feel free to reach out in game if you have any questions, want some help with some random content etc.


Level 80's

The Lone Raider (main)
Race: Norn
Professions: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, (Grandmaster)
Gear Level: Fractal Geared Ascended (150 AR)

Lorthar the Sunless
Race: Sylvari
Class: Mesmer/Chronomancer
Professions: Artificing (400+), Chef (400)
Gear Level: Full Exo(Dungeon)

Last of The Ęsir
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Professions: Leatherworker (400+) Tailor (400+)
Gear Level: Full Exo(Dungeon)

Gildarn Ironclaw (Aka, Big Gold Cat)
Race: Charr
Class: Rev/Herald
Professions: Jeweler(400)
Gear Level: Full Exo(Dungeon)

The Ever Watchful
Race: Asura
Class: Necromancer/Reaper
Professions: None
Gear Level: Mixed Asc/Exotic (Dungeon)

Aspasia Blakemore
Class: Elementallist
Professions: None
Gear Level: Still Working on it

Aela The Cursed
Race: Human
Class: Guardian
Professions: None
Gear Level: Exotic, But keeps somehow getting my Leg GS... I don't know how...

Still In progress:

Mat Eater
Race: Human
Class: Thief
Profession: Storing and eating my materials.
Gear Level: Maybe 10? even though he's above 40?

Anywho, I've been in Riot for well over a year at this point, don't remember quite how long it's been. I try to contribute to the guild while I can, but often life and classes get in the way. If you can catch me online, I'll be more than welcome to help you out with any of the following.

Dungeon Runs(loot is always good)
Fractals, I have a 150 AR Toon, who's in t3 atm, we can help each other out
Gearing Characters. Honestly, I love helping out other guild members, and have been known to donate a box of gear occasionally to the bank. Don't ask for free stuff, but I'll always be willing to craft you things if you have the materials, (that's why I listed profession levels above)
Building Legendaries/Ascended. If you need the time gated mats, I can help out with that, if you send me the materials of course
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