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Missed Living World season 1?
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:08:56 am »
I've found a video that lays out the entirety of LWS1. I do believe it got the original Karka invasion out of order, but it introduces it when it is relevant, so there's no harm done there. It just makes it seem like there was a lot less time passing between Canach's disappearance and his return. There's probably some other details out of order as well. I'm pretty sure the Thaumanova Reactor fractal was not released during this season, but I guess its inclusion is fine as the events are relevant.

This video was stitched together from various other videos from around the GW2 community. Prepare yourself for some less than stellar audio and for a lot of mispronunciations. Skip to 12:19 if you only care about what was in-game and not the micro stories that were given to us on the GW2 site. There is a bit of content skipped here and there, but that's unfortunately to be expected. This includes but is not necessarily limited to the gradually intensifying refugee situation preceding the Molten Alliance events, the majority of the Tower of Nightmares interior (which the fractal is not accurate to), Scarlet's war/steam portal invasion, Tequatl's power up and Rox's orders to hunt it (Rytlock REALLY gave her the runaround), most of the Aetherblade activities in the mists (we never did see Mai Trin again after she was broke free), the probe investigations, and the boss battles of the siege of Lion's Arch.

Considering how season 1 was delivered, I'm sure there's details most people overlooked, even those among us who played through most of it. Here's a few things I overlooked: One of Scarlet's plans was thoroughly a failure. They actually tied things up and hinted at the future pretty well in the final investigation before the siege of Lion's Arch. How the siege of Lion's Arch was a prototype for Dragon's Stand.
Rox used to be the assertive one between her and Braham, and Rox doesn't appear to be all that superstitious anymore.
I suggest paying particular attention to the Zephyrites, the hints at the involvement of Glint, and the implications that the fight against the dragons isn't what we thought it was. There are more hints of the latter sprinkled elsewhere (especially in regards to the balance of magic in Tyria), but the point is that ANet's claims and implications about when they made certain decisions are pretty dubious and they've shown a fondness for half-truths.

On the other hand, if I may give a personal opinion here, no amount of seeing the bigger picture will justify the stupidity of the Molten and Toxic Alliances. The dredge abhor slavers to the point where they want to erase dwarves from history even if only some of the dwarves were actually guilty of such, and the charr, the flame legion especially, are well known for their historic enslavement of the grawl. Meanwhile, the krait are extremely xenophobic, and holding their prophets' writings hostage would only work for a short time, either until they have those writings handed over or they lose their limited patience.
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Re: Missed Living World season 1?
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 05:54:08 pm »
Finally got around to watching this after a couple of months, so figured this would be the best place to post my thoughts (especially as you're not around on Discord atm Silvas). Going to chuck it all behind a spoiler as I'm going to throw in some PoF-related stuff. Be warned, it's very stream of conscious after a pretty busy day though so apologies if I have a case of the dumbs with some of my comments.

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Did Ronan/Ventari know that the Sylvari were Mordremoth's minions? Possible manipulation to encourage the creation of minions? Did they think they could influence Sylvari behaviour?

Jesus wept, I'm literally 5 minutes in and already pissed off with Scarlet. The Mary Sue is too strong. In every way.

Thought the Inquest existed pre-Scarlet, but suddenly she founded them? Uh... ok then I guess?

While in the Eternal Alchemy, Pale Tree warned her so as not to waken the dragons or to reveal that the Sylvari were Mordremoth's pawns?

Braham basically never grew the fuck up then. That's... really bad writing. The self-centeredness and short-sightedness is now putting all the Norn at risk as he's talked Knut into putting the Norn at risk to a greater threat than what was going on at Cragstead. I see a massive "I fucked up" arc for Braham after PoF. Will enjoy the lack of his whining during PoF <3

Where did assertive Rox go? Hopefully will see her giving Braham a backhand or two in the future. Hopefully she points out that while Braham lost both his parents, she lost her whole sodding warband/mining crew and was then ostracised in Charr society. While I don't want it to be the Oppression Olympics, I'd like to see assertive Rox snap Braham out of this by... well, snapping tbh. Given he cared little for her safety in The Bitter Cold, I'm not holding out much hope, sadly.


Whoa hang on, so bit confused with the timeline on Ellen Kiel. Video makes it sound as if she turned from 11 to 21 overnight if the karka attacked the ship she was on with her parents, then she went directly to take on the Consortium. Wut?

I can tell they put a lot more effort into Ellen Kiel's animations than most NPCs I've seen in my two years of playing. Very disappointing when a peripheral character like that gets more love than the sodding members of our 'guild' when it comes to emotional responses *cough* Jory and Kas *cough* (or should that be *hiccup*?).

I'm completely lost on why Kiel was so adamant that the settlers should stay in their indentured servitude on Southsun. Seems like kind of a bitch to me, guess she won the election because of cheap WPs; pissed we didn't get that Abaddon fractal tbh. Also baffled as to if Kiel was so scarred by the encounter with the karka, that she would insist that these settlers should risk their lives, seeing as she almost lost hers as a kid.

Where did Jennah get the Watchknights from? Yet another super Mesmer power? -rolls eyes- Less Logan is going to be good. I swear I just vomited a bit in my mouth at his saccharine lines to Jennah at the Crown Pavilion. Hm, she asks Anise to control them but they're her gift? The fact that they're controlled by a tower says that they're not Mesmer constructs inherently but use Mesmer magic to mimic enemies?

So Scarlet was more powerful than Jennah/Anise? Wat? Given what we saw in LS3, that seems pretty... yeah I'm not going to touch that actually.

... Do I even want to know how Scarlet's able to hover in mid-air on a holographic platform? Or how she was able to corrupt the Watchknights? I'm going to guess because magic, probably.

Aww, I have a soft spot for Hobo-tron :( Other than that, this writing's fucking awful so far.

I'm... not going to question why Faren is naked apart from his underwear. Just accept it. After all, I've witnessed Jungle Faren so... My god, I hope he's wearing more in the desert... You know there's going to be Desert Faren.

So... all this time later and we still don't know who the fuck E is? Even Kasmeer can't work that shit out? Also, what's E been up to of late?

"First annual Dragon Bash", eh? EH, ANET? WHERE THE FUCK IS MY DRAGON BASH? BEEN WAITING 2 YEARS NOW! AND I'VE BASHED TWO OF THE FUCKERS PLUS FUCKED OVER A COUPLE MORE! Also going to re-iterate that given Caudecus' campaign against Jennah, Dragon Bash would have been the perfect morale boost. In fact, it being a yearly event is a good idea to maintain morale given the constant threat of the Elder Dragons.

The Sin City style cinematics... ugh. While I normally like the style, it just feels like trying to fetishise the lesbians. Not sure of Mai Trin's motive for working with Scarlet. Mai's capable of getting that power for herself given she was a bloody pirate, and Scarlet doesn't need a seat on the council given she's already near god status in terms of power.

Scarlet talking about what Caithe did... reference to Wynne's death?

If we'd had the Fall of Abaddon fractal, do you think the story would have turned to the human gods sooner rather than later? Because I'm getting the feeling the story was literally being made up as it went during LS1 at least.

My god, I could throttle Scarlet. Her voice grates. Doesn't sound evil, just bratty, insane child who needs a damned good smack.

Blown up the Tower of Nightmares, Kessex still looks like a complete shithole. Well then.

Yeah, not comfortable with the Jory as Mae West semi-flirting with Braham.

Kas comes across as very dumb bimbo. And this bitch can instantly tell a lie from the truth? Uh, kay then.
Taimi has a progressive degenerative condition which has... somehow stopped? How? Why? Also how the hell is she able to walk as well now as she was before if this is a progressive illness?

So if Kas' dad died in debtor's prison, I'm assuming her brother ended up in there and dead too afterwards? If not, how? Surely that serious a gambler wouldn't be able to stop and would end up inside himself due to debts? She makes no mention of her brother which I can understand because I'd disown him, but it still feels a half-baked story.

Silvas is definitely right about the Toxic Alliance being total balls. I wonder if the voice in Scarlet's head was Mordremoth, who saw the knowledge she possessed, then broke her to use as a pawn. I'd go as far as to argue she was a dragon champion given she was programmed with that independence from the start, and the constant thirst for knowledge.

Noted during Battle For Lion's Arch 2: Electric Boogaloo (the original in GW1 will always be the true Battle for LA to me) that the same loot issue that cropped up with the Mordremoth invasion around the time I started playing. But then, legacy bugs are a feature of ANet games :P

Also want to note the British villain trope with Scarlet. Also the fact she gets increasingly Cockney. Noted the definite accent shift during the battle against her with Kas. Jory also seems to have lost weight (at least facially) by the time Kas kisses her. Her face seemed almost round in the earlier cutscenes. Gets acknowledged by Belinda slightly later so at least I know I wasn't seeing things.

OOOH FORESHADOWING! Rox saying to Braham she'll have to take him to the Brand some time as no single warrior can stand against a dragon. Yet he was hellbent on trying to have it out with Jormag on his own after Eir's death. Would now pay money to see him try to take on Kralk solo.

I get the feeling Angel McCoy tried to basically carry on with the Mary Sue-ing into Taimi's character. Also dislike the reinforcement of Taimi of the Braham being big and dumb trope. Like seriously, did someone Lee's size piss off someone on the writing team? I get it's how Norn were portrayed for the most part in GW1 but damn, that was 250 years ago! We've seen far more pragmatic and cerebral Norn, seems lazy to have the most prominent Norn in the story to basically be a stereotype.

Don't know what this vocal piece is near the end, but it sucks arse compared to Fear Not This Night.

Don't like the connotations that the Zephyrites are hypocrites and ableist because Scruffy can't go on the bloody airship. Had me rolling my eyes tbh, especially as Taimi has shown she's perfectly damned capable of walking reasonable distances like an airship ramp throughout LS3. 

I'll probably find more shit on a second watch, will admit I was bloody tired when I started watching this evening but had 5 hours to kill so figured I'd get the first viewing in.
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