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RIOT Guild Rules/Code of Conduct
« on: November 15, 2016, 10:41:40 pm »
RIOT Gaming Code of Conduct

RIOT has traditionally been a fairly laid-back guild with few but strict rules. At the end of the day, the reason we log into the game is to have fun and to hang out with guildies, and the formality of enforcement can spoil the mood. However, as the guild continues growing, a set of written rules to reference have become necessary - Itís only fair to both members and officers to have them on record. Check the rules regularly, as they are subject to future updates. We will endeavor to notify all registered forum members and make guild chat announcements whenever a new version of the rules is published.

Membership: Membership of the guild and promotions within it are privileges, not rights. Abiding by these rules is a requirement to gaining and maintaining these privileges. Guild authorities can revoke them at any time and for any reason pursuant to the enforcement of the below rules. While we will try our best to remain transparent, warnings are a courtesy, not a guarantee. These privileges are also reset (Regardless of prior rank) upon leaving the guild of one's own volition or being removed due to idling for over two months. This means that any member separated from the guild in this way would return to the default rank should they rejoin.

Reporting Violations: If you would like to report a violation of the rules, approach a guild officer either through an in-game whisper, a private message on the forums, or a direct message on TeamSpeak. Present an account of the situation and a screenshot logging the event. This evidence is essential. We judge deeds and context, not merely hearsay or how members feel about each other. Rest assured, evidence is only shared internally, and the anonymity of reports is strictly respected.

General Community Rules

RIOT considers itself a mature guild. We take this to mean neither the glorification nor censure of mature topics; nor the regulation of what is and isnít Ďmatureí. We will neither restrict vulgarity under the pretense of maturity nor spew it incessantly as a claim to adulthood.

Our community is built on free speech, learning, and fun. We will neither expect nor enforce political correctness, but we ask that our members know that there is a time and a place for everything. Speech will not be restricted merely because someone takes offense, but donít expect a long stay if you set out to offend members. Know your audience and your timing.

Be Respectful: Keep your interactions with the guild and its members civil. We frown upon all attacks on our members, be they harassment, stalking, or otherwise. We will not tolerate discrimination against members for any reason ó Gender, age, sexuality, disability, political preferences. Policing the identity of others (Expecting or demanding people to conform to given standards or politics because of their identity) is strictly forbidden. We donít care about what our guild members look like, who they vote for, or what their intimacy looks like. And neither should you.

If you feel someone else is being disrespectful to someone other than you, approach an officer about it, or at the very least ask the target about the situation before jumping to conclusions. There may be context you are missing. Sometimes friends ribbing each other may appear a lot harsher to outside people. On the other hand, if someoneís ribbing is making you feel uncomfortable, let them know and alert an officer if it continues.

Donít Be Disruptive: RIOT is first and foremost a teaching guild. This doesnít imply an obligation for members to teach content, but it does mean we expect members to fall into one of three categories:

  • Members who are capable of teaching content patiently and respectfully.
  • Members who are capable of learning patiently and respectfully.
  • Members who can have fun with us without disrupting teachers nor leaders.

Respecting Teachers: Everyone has different skill levels and learning rates. Be aware of yours and respect those of others. In particular, consider that officers who mentor guild members in any particular content have an idea of what order and pacing to give explanations in. If you intend to make any corrections, give them time to wrap up and then present your suggestion, or give them a heads-up in PM. If you intend to make factual corrections, make sure you have your information straight.

Respecting Leaders: Guild events, as well as as any organized content runs, have their own set of rules. Leaders will explain both these and the content their group will be led through. As with all teaching, donít interrupt or undermine this. If you require clarification, ask for it. If you already know what is being explained, then respect others who donít and avoid unnecessary interruptions. Understand that general explanations donít imply an assumption of ignorance on the part of any specific members. Their purpose is explaining to all members. Remember also that it is easier to provide a remedial explanation than to assume or attempt to verify an individualís level of knowledge. Taking a remedial explanation as a personal insult is your own problem.

Respecting the Guild: Avoid disrupting the activities and roster of the guild. Don't try to pull numbers away from guild missions or group activities. Don't recruit for other guilds in RIOT guild chat or party/squad chat of group activities. We will not shield you in any way if you compromise the guild and its members through violations of the terms of service of games we play, or openly discussing illegal activities in any of our means of communication. Dissemination of private information or other explicitly illegal activity within guild communications will be grounds for immediate expulsion.

Donít Undermine Authority: Leave enforcement of the rules to guild authorities. If you think someone is breaking the rules, do not personally go after them. A single polite reminder or explanation is fine, but persecution is not. The only way in which you should be dealing with apparent rule breaking is going to an officer about it. In addition, when an officer answers a guild memberís questions or requests, donít undermine their authority by contradicting factual answers or official decisions with your personal opinions. Criticism is welcome, but must be factual, respectful and constructive.

No Drama: As the name says, RIOT Gaming is a gaming guild. Videogames are an entertaining medium which most of us approach as a form of escapism. It should follow that we do not expect nor desire to encounter the stress or grievances of everyday life in the guild. Weíre in it for the opposite effect. Bear this in mind when feeling the need to lash out or air your grievances. We donít mind the occasional story about how your day sucked ó We have plenty of tales to share ourselves. But avoid going on long tirades about your lifeís problems or bringing personal quarrels to the guild itself. Personal issues are not the guild jurisdiction; we will react harshly to anybody who takes a personal quarrel unrelated to RIOT and makes it a guild matter.

No Politics: To put it quite bluntly, weíve had enough of it. Not merely USA politics, but politics in general. The growing tribal hostility and polarization of the population has gotten so ridiculous that itís hard to have a civilized discussion. Youíre free to have conversations about general political concepts, but keep any and all current politically charged events to private conversations.

No Begging: We are a charitable guild, but we are not a charity. While generosity itself is welcome and appreciated, do not ask to be given a free handout or a loan. While people who trust each other may slip and make such requests openly, donít take a loan between close friends as an indication that they are allowed in general. As a general rule, we prefer teaching people to progress and helping them achieve their goals instead of simply giving them what they want. As a rule of thumb, you are free to give material charity, but donít ask for it. Needless to say, requesting gameplay assistance or coaching is welcome.

Note: The first tab of the guild bank is open for members to access, and the second one is open for requests. Asking an officer to give you something from the second tab does not constitute begging; this is a requirement to prevent it from being thoroughly looted.

No Spoilers: Whenever there is a story release, avoid discussing spoilers in Guild Chat and TeamSpeak for two weeks starting on the release date. The sole exception to this rule is when you are in a TeamSpeak channel with people who have all played the new content already.

No Spamming: We define spamming as ďExcessive or intrusive messages of an unsolicited or repetitive nature.Ē This includes but is not limited to:

Walls of ASCII art, incessant boasting or self-aggrandizing, showing off an item over and over again, interruptions for long and irrelevant rants, pictures of your private parts, and repeatedly making the same requests even after theyíre answered ó Or when there is a lack of response. When in doubt, only repeat a message if you are certain that active people have simply not noticed it.

Advertising falls under this rule as well. This includes but is not limited to repeatedly advertising the events of other guilds, the guilds themselves, personal pages or services, non-guild personal streams.

  • Due to legal concerns, membership of this forum has an age requirement of 18 years old.
  • Avoid making multiple consecutive posts, use the edit function instead. Acceptable exceptions are Ďbumpingí a guide or event when it is updated, a question that has gone unanswered for several days, or reserving additional posts if you expect to eventually hit the character limit on the original post.

Guild Chat
  • In addition to the spam rule, we will remove members whose sole activity in the guild is using our guild chat as an advertising platform for events outside of it ó Or for content runs that go against the standards of our guild. We are not anyoneís personal LFG menu.
  • While there is a guild event taking place, whether it be Guild Missions or a Hero Point train, abstain from advertising events large enough to merit a squad. Itís bad form to draw numbers away from the main event. This will be considered disruptive to the guild.

GW2 Squads/Parties
  • Respect the format of the parties or squads you join, and the pace at which the leader moves. For instance: Teaching runs are going to be inherently slower as members are taught every mechanic ó donít rush them. Speedruns will require coordination and precision; donít pull all of the aggro.
  • Donít cancel invitations you didnít send yourself. When in doubt, never press the ĎCancelí button below on pending invitations below the squad menu. Do not mistake these for invitations sent to you: Itís only possible to invite someone to a squad if theyíre alone or in a party, or to invite someone to a party if theyíre alone. The only invite that is safe to cancel is when you are in a party and you see an invite to a squad. Check the label before acting.
  • Due to legal concerns, the guild's TeamSpeak segment has an age requirement of 18 years old.
  • Talking on TeamSpeak is not required to participate in group content. Listening, however, is mandatory for guild events.
  • Avoid sending annoying noises through your microphone, whether they be constant loud typing, breathing on the microphone or chatter with people outside of TeamSpeak. You will be asked to switch to Push To Talk if this is the case. Barring a very good reason, non-compliance will result in Push To Talk being forced server-side.
  • The [RIOT] server group is required to access the RIOT segment of the TeamSpeak. Give an officer a heads up when you first join and it will be assigned to you. The other segments are not the guildís jurisdiction, but we will act on guild members misbehaving in them all the same.
  • Read the descriptions of channels you join. As with events, individual channels may have their own respective rules set by RIOT officers. Respect those as though they were guild rules.
  • If an officer you would like to get in touch with is in a channel you cannot access, or in an AFK channel, don't be discouraged. You should feel free to send them a text PM. Be patient in waiting for a response, they may be occupied or away from the computer.   

  • Representing the guild is only ever required when you are taking part in a guild event. Examples include Guild Missions, Hero Point Trains, RIOT squads for seasonal content.
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