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My Nemesis Build (Incomplete Details)
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:10:33 am »
Here's a link to my build for Nemesis. Please refer to it before reading the guide. Also this will not be a complete guide. I will also be posting a general guide to jungling in Smite as well as a joust guide for Nemesis at a later date, but for now lets do conquest.

Smitefire Build: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login



Scales of Fate - Passive

Hitting an enemy with a basic attack reduces their physical and magical power by 6% and increases yours by 6% - this effect can stack up to 4 times. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Swift Vengeance - Square/1

Basically a double dash through enemies, good for chasing and escaping.

Silce and Dice - X/2

Nemesis's only skill based damage. Hit enemies in a 180 degree cone infront of you. Enemies in the center take double damage and are slowed for 2 seconds. Its very important to land enemies in the center, this will almost ensure a kill mid to late game.

Retribution - Circle/3

This is her shield. Reflects/Heals for a % of damage you take while its up. Lasts for 2 seconds unless you get hard CC'd shield is removed if you are hard CC'd.

Divine Judgement - Triangle/4

Damages an enemy for a % of their CURRENT health, gives you +50% of the targets protections and 25% movement speed for 8s, their debuff ends in 5 seconds. This will almost ensure a successful gank to anyone other than Guardians and Warriors.


Nemesis is somewhat easy to play. Her skills link together in a very simple way. You want to use her X when entering a fight and as soon as you can off cooldown, use your shield if their focusing you on damage, and use your dash to chase them if they get out of your reach. You want to wait until you've got some staying power on Gods to gank lanes. This means having your ult and having speed camp/boots. Fetus is also an item I suggest as a very early game buy, Nemesis being mainly focused on her auto attacks NEEDS any advantage she can get when it comes to sticking to enemies. Never use your ult mid fight it is best used as an opener seeing as it works off their current health and not their max.

Quick Tips

Item building

Pretty much follow the guide I made on smitefire for building, the first 5 items are core in almost every build. The only suggestion i might make would be to drop Malice for another one of the situational items. Bloodforge is my go to situational item for the last spot when I'm having a solid game. If I'm behind and i need a bit of a push I'll buy ASI early game (before jotunn's wrath) to help me catch up. It's great because it's so cheap and can provide a very solid early game through it falls off to other items late game. Late game if the majority of the enemy team is building defense I'll drop my boots for stone cutting sword and use my last spot for the executioner, brawlers beat stick, titan's bane, or Qin's just depending on the situations and how much defense they're building. Also the reason I don't suggest any protections here is because of her ult. You can pop it on their tank and head into a team fight and take a large amount of damage while you're killing their team and get out alive.
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