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Valors Guide to Barching
« on: August 23, 2016, 02:49:09 am »

Barching is my go to strategy for quick and easy loot. A full army train time only takes about 20 minutes, and can yield on average 200k gold or elixir to 500k. Now, what do you look for in Barching you ask? You look for full collectors outside of the enemy's walls. Here's how to tell the difference between a full one and a empty one.

Elixer collector

Gold mine

Dark Elixer:

As you can see the left on each picture is full, and on the right is empty. If you are unsure of how full a collector is, you can try to view how full the storages are.

Now to get into how to properly execute a barch attack. If all the collectors are outside the walls and lined up, you are in luck. Just deploy a spread out wave of barbarians followed by archers. (I suggest 20 to 30 each wave). By spreading them out you run a reduced chance of area damage wiping them all out at once. Spreading the numbers into waves both protects from aoe, and increases the chances of them getting into the walls. Here's an example of the town I mean.

The Collectors are spread out all across the base? You can deploy 5 barbarians followed by 5 archers to destroy each collector. Heres an example of a town I'm talking about.

If you are born under a lucky star and fine a base where the collectors are far from any defenses, a single archer per collector will destroy them all. Here's an example.

If they are inside the walls I do not suggest going for them, unless you are very confident. It can sometimes take a number of searches to find the right base, but its worth it. What spells do I suggest you bring? I personally go with lightning. Two lightning spells on a level 6 dark elixir drill will get you 1,200 dark elixir. Many people keep their drills inside their walls, outside of your barching abilities.

General notes:

Trophys do not matter when barching. Find a spot were you find dead bases for their collectors.

If you plan to fight your way into a base, be sure to lure out any clan castle troops they have.

X-bows are a major threat to barch attacks, as are Mortars and wizard towers.